Friday, January 31, 2014

Are You A Blogger?

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Credit to iFabbo

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches Only

Glamour Doll Eyesahdows
I was recently approved as an affiliate with Glamour Doll Eyes.  As an affiliate, Glamour Doll Eyes was kind enough to give me a one time discount to use on my first purchase.  Since I don’t know anything about their products nor used it before, I decided to grab some samples to try them out.  Today, I want to share how pigmented their eyeshadows are. 
Here are the swatches:
Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches 1
Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches 2
Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches 3
And here is another close up of the Glamour Doll Eyes:
Glamour Doll Eyes
I hope this helps your decision on what to shades to buy.  If you want more information on their eyeshadows, just click on the banner on the side of my page with Glamour Doll Eyes Logo. I will do a review and a look with these eyeshadows next time, I just want to share the swatches with you for now.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsorship.  I am an affiliate, but not being paid for.  I paid this out of my pocket.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cottonelle Review (Bzz Campaign)



Today I am doing a review on Cottonelle Fresh Care.  I have used this wipes before, but with a different container (a flatter one).  This one is more of a vertical kind.  You pretty much open it and just put the wipes inside and and insert it to the hole and that’s it, your good to go.


I already knew I was going to love this product because I’ve used it for me and my family since the first time I’ve tried it.

I love how soft this is and the smell is just refreshing.  I always tell my kids to use this after using the toilet to really get that spot off their bum.  I love how it doesn’t irritate our skin and it’s not too wet either.

We love it so much that we had to buy a box of this at Costco, however, it didn’t take the coupon that Bzz Agent sent me.  But I will not let that stop me from buying the wipes, so I still bought it.  I still got it for a good price, it cost about $13.49 with 504 sheets.  This will last us about a month or so. 

The only thing I don’t like about pulling this out of the container is when you pull the first sheet or so, sometimes the next sheet doesn’t come out.  So, then you will have to open the container again and put that sheet in the hole again.  But, other than that I love it!

Disclaimer: This was sent to me by Bzz Agent to try and review.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Purple Smokey Eyes


Purple Smokey

Lately I’ve been loving anything with purple in it.  I’ve never thought I’d pull this one off, but I’m glad it came out really nice.  This is the final look and as you can see it is a smokey eyes.  If you want to know what I used to achieve this look on my eyes, just keep reading.  You can use anything you want to achieve this look, I am just showing you what I used.


First, I applied this as my base on my lids.  This is by Wet n Wild in 133 Techno.  Then, I blend it to even it out.


I, then applied this eyeshadow by Blinkcosmetic in Lovely Lilac all over the lid and build it up until I’m satisfy with the color.  Don’t forget to blend the edges to get rid of that harsh lines.  It’s all about blending!


Last, but not the least the black eyeshadow from Naked Urban Decay Basics in Crave.  I only applied at the corner of my eyes (end) and just blend blend blend until I get that clean edges smokey look.  And you already know the rest, apply false lashes (here I am using Ardell lashes in 120), gel or liquid liner, and mascara.

Here is a closer look of my purple smokey eyes:


I hope you enjoyed this look and hopefully you will try it too.  Feel free to tag me on your look on instagram @conchico (Con Con Domingo).


Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I used to achieve my Radiant Orchid Look (Eyes)

Radiant Orchid blog
Here is the look I did inspired by the Radiant Orchid.  As you all probably know, Radiant Orchid the color of the year.  I was so in love with this color that I had to do it on my eyes.
This look is really simple and not too much on the eyes.  Here are the stuff I used to achieve this look:
Radiant Orchid Look (Eyes)
I first started off with Too Faced Primer all over my lid. (Although the brand irritated my eyes).  I then applied Sin by Urban Decay all over my lid.  I mixed Madison Street Beauty in Wisteria and Blinkcosmetic in Lovely Lilac on my lid.  I love the combination of this two.  And to give my eyes a little pop of color, I used this palette in leopard case by Crown Brush and used the purple eyeshadow on my lower lash line.  Everything else was gel line and mascara.
I hope this helps you how I achieve this look and that you’ll try it too. If you do, tag me on instagram @conchico (Con Con Domingo).

Here is a video in case you want to see how I did this look: