Saturday, December 14, 2013

Studio Gear CC Cream Review

I have always wanted to try out a CC Cream, but for some reason I keep forgetting to add it on my list.  I finally had the chance to try one from Studio Gear CC Cream and this is just a sample.

Here is what the CC Cream does: Hydrating CC Cream transforms and enhances your complexion in an incredibly light, smooth formula. This foundation simultaneously fights aging, retains moisture, and covers and treats blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.

Key Benefits of the CC Cream:
- Prevents fine lines and wrinkles with collagen-building ingredients
- Restores skin elasticity by promoting moisture retention
- Brightens and illuminates skin with a non-oily, complete coverage application

My thoughts on this product:
The CC Cream comes out white and turns into your natural skin tone.  It applies really smooth and not oily.  If you want that illuminate look then you don’t need to set it with powder, but since I get oily on my t-zone, I have to set it with a powder.  This CC Cream is a light coverage, I still saw blemishes on my skin, but that’s okay.  I don’t always want a full coverage, specially if I’m just going to a store or picking up my children from school.  You can definitely use this on a daily basis for when you’re in a hurry like me.  What I love about this CC Cream is that it moisturizes your skin at the same time.  I didn’t need to put any moisturizer, which made my routine a bit easier.
Here is a complete look using the Studio Gear CC Cream:
Disclaimer: This is a compliment from Studio Gear to try out and to get my opinion on the product. This is also powered by Brandbacker.

Don’t forget to check out their site at

Friday, December 13, 2013

Blinkcosmetics Review

Blinkcosmetics just launched online during Black Friday.  Just in time for me to try out their product.
What you need to know about Blinkcosmetics.
Blink Cosmetics is a cosmetic line catering to enhancing beauty for all walks of life. We carry Eye Shadows, Mascaras and more for the Eyes.
Blink Eye Cosmetics add depth and dimension to the eyes and compliments the eye color. Blink Cosmetics are rich and vibrant soft and subtle triple milled for a silky texture, oil free and can be used wet and dry.
Each eyeshadows cost about $13.50, I know you think the price is a bit much because I thought that too. But, it is worth buying.  The eyeshadow is really pigmented and blendable. 
The top swatch is called Miami nites which has a bit sheen to it.  It is very beautiful on the eyes and very blendable and buildable.  I applied this eyeshadow wet.
photo (1)photo (2)photo
The bottom swatch is called Real Teal which is a matte eyeshadow.  It feels chalky, but I was able to work around it by just wetting my brush and applied it on my lid.  This eyeshadow is also blendable and buildable.
photo (3)photo (4)
I love Blinkcosmetics eyeshadows and I recommend their product to anyone that wants a bold and very pigmented eyeshadows.
You can follow them on instagram @blinkcosmetics on Facebook:
Twitter: @blinkeyesbeauty
Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by this company. I bought the Real Teal myself and got the Miami Nites as a free gift. This is my own opinion and my own only.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frost Cosmetics Swatches and Review



I ordered this very unique and pigmented lip glosses from and was founded by Lakeisha.

These are just samplers I have for only $20 and it comes in 14 pcs with your choice of colors and it was also free shipping.  I’m all about great deals!  You should definitely check it out! I tried each color I have, but not all suited me.  The color was too bright for me.  I love the neutrals on me though and the red.  It also has a scent to it, but not the bad smell.  It smells good.  Easy to blend and easy to come off.  I wiped it off with a dry cloth or tissue, but when I wiped it wet, it got everywhere around  my mouth.  That’s not a problem though because it will still come off.  I still recommend you try their product.


Here are some swatches I did on my lips:



If you would like to know more about FrostCosmetics, just go on their website: and follow them on instagram: @frostcosmetics

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by this company. I bought this myself and this is my own opinion.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

MadisonStreetBeauty eyeshadows Review



Lid: Mermaid

Inner lid: Cotton

Outer V: Indigo Night

Here is what you need to know about MadisonStreetBeauty:

Madison Street Beauty was founded to provide environmentally friendly products with all natural and vegan cosmetics. Founded in 2011 from humble beginnings, we have quickly become an indie beauty favorite online. Our goal is to make finding natural products as easy and as affordable as possible while providing the highest standards of customer service. Our dedication to conservation extends throughout our business so you won’t find needless and wastefully extravagant packaging or damaging, chemically filled products being marketed aggressively in an inefficient and ecologically harmful way. We want to put a stop to that and show people that you don’t have to pay the earth to get the highest quality products that don’t hurt you or the environment.

I was following them on twitter and I saw how beautiful their eyeshadows color are.  It took awhile before I ordered their product, but I am happy to say that I did.  MadisonStreetBeauty has always deals going on their website.  Here is a link on where to purchase their products:


Their eyeshadows are really pigmented.   A little goes along way.

I ordered 25 pcs sample (0.5 grams) and I can tell that it will last me a long time.  If you want to show you swatches of the 25 eyeshadows I bought, I’ll be happy to.  Just leave me a comment and I can do that for you.

Disclaimer:  I am not being sponsored by this company.  I bought this on my own and my own opinion.

Find out more about this company here:


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil Swatches and Review



From left to right: Purple Fix, Aqua Stone, and Jade Jewel.

Here is an overview of the product:

12 HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

• Intense, Instant Color Eyeliner that is Made to Last
• Smooth-Gliding Pencil For Precise Application
• Long-Lasting (Up to 12 hour wear)
• Water & Transfer Resistant
• Paraben-Free
• Made in USA

My thoughts on this product:

This pencils are intense, they glide smoothly, they last long, and they are water resistant.  I highly recommend this product.  They don’t smudge at all.  I had to use an oil base makeup remover to get them off.

I bought this at Walgreens and the price is $2.99.  I think they have 6 or maybe 7 shades, but this are the only ones they had available and a black one, but I didn’t purchase a black since I already have a black liner.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Emcosmetics Greatest Deals Ever! One Day Only!

As you all know, Michelle Phan’s makeup line is one of my favorite beauty products.  I don’t always purchase them, but I do whenever there are great deals.  Many beauty gurus have been talking about them, even bloggers.  So if you are not aware of her cyber Monday deal, here it is! Just click at the link down below and it will take you directly to her website.  Remember, this is a one day deal.  So set up your alarm and have a cyber Monday shopping at Emcosmetics.
Emcosmetics buy one get one FREE deal

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wet n Wild Long lasting Lipstick Swatches






Today, I decided to grab more Wet n Wild lipstick.  This time I only grabbed two, since this are the only ones I wanted to try.  I love the color payout of these lipsticks.  They are pigmented and a bit moisturizing.  It is a matte lipstick, and it didn’t make my lips dry.  I definitely love Bare It All.  I think Stoplight Red was just too bright for my tone, but I still love red.


Definitely buying more colors to try out! Wet n Wild  are definitely stepping it up with their products.  The price is pretty affordable too.


I love me a bargain! who doesn’t, right?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wet n Wild Silk Lipstick Swatches


DSCN0800Light Beige Frost

DSCN0801Nouveau Pink


DSCN0803Dark Wine

I just want to share this swatches with you.  I know that this lipstick are already affordable.  They cost about $.99 cents, but they were on sale, so I bought five of this lipstick for $.59 cents each.  Now, that’s a bargain Smile.  I only posted four swatches because the first one I took was too light to show on the picture.  It seems like I was only wearing a plain lip gloss.

Out of the five colors I bought, I loved the Dark Wine.

Out of this four swatches I just showed you, which one did you like?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amazing JuicyCanvas Rewards



Today, I've discovered something unique and different, and what is this I discovered?  It is JuicyCanvas!!

Here's an overview about JuicyCanvas.

JuicyCanvas was founded by a husband and wife, Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati.  This is the first art and fashion marketplace that allows you to remix trending art and print it onto beautiful daily-life products.  What kind of products? Any products.  They will print it onto American Apparel t-shirts, baby onesies, tote bags, hoodies, stretched canvases and many  more.

They've launched a fundraising campaign to take their project to the next level and this is to build a mobile app and launch new products they've been testing for months.  They are seeking the backing of art and fashion enthusiasts and they are offering amazing rewards if you support.  Every little bit will help!

Artur, Deb and their baby are froom Buenos Aires/New York.  They are art lovers and strong believers of active, creative consumers.  It's their vision to create a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned and personalized.

Please help support this lovely family startup and help them reach the goal!

Thank you

Here is JuicyCanvas link:
Indiegogo Campaign link:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Favorite Holiday Nail Polish

Nailtini is by far my favorite nail polish brands.  I received this nail polish from Ipsy, which only cost me $10 a month.  I only use this nail polish on special occasion, like Holidays.  Since Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is near, I say it's time to pull out my favorite nail polishes and start prepping my nails.

I think our nails  need some glam up done as well as our look, it's like part of the accessories.

I just do my nails simple, since I don't really go to any special events, but home with family.

What is/are your favorite nail polishes?  Do you glam up your nails everyday or occasionally, as I do?  Let me know on the comments down below.

Thank you,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday 2013

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

Black Friday is near.  Who will be going shopping on Black Friday?  I have never gone shopping on a Black Friday.  I heard crazy things about it, so I just  stay home and wait for Cyber Monday.

Do you have any tips on Black Friday shopping?  let me know, maybe one day I'll actually go.  
I hope everyone that goes on Black Friday to be safe and just be careful out there.  

Thank you,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Look

Here are all the products I used to achieve this look.




Cheeks and Highlighters



And that's pretty much it to complete this Holiday Look.  I would like to give credits to the following:,,,,, and for using their photos on my blog. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to leave me any comments related to this blog.  Please follow me at my social media and let's get to know each other.

Thank you,