Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lorac Unzipped Palette Swatches and Review

Unzipped Lorac 1
This palette contains 10 eyeshadows, shimmer and matte eyeshadows.  It also came with a primer, which I didn’t include in this picture.  This palette retails to $40.
Unzipped Lorac 3
This is what the inside of the palette looks like.  All shades are neutral and good for everyday use.  I really love this palette and the shades.  You can also use this palette from day to night look.  Now let’s get to the swatches.
Unzipped Lorac Swatch 1
First swatches are the first 5 shades of the palette (bottom).  The first three shades on the swatch are the shimmer and the last two of the swatch are matte.  In my opinion, the second and the third are the ones I think are more pigmented out of five shades of this swatch, but they are buildable.  Now let’s go to the second part of the swatches.
Unzipped Lorac Swatch 2
Here is the second part of the palette swatches (top).  The same thing the second and third shimmer shades are more pigmented out of the five eyeshadows.  I had to build it as I go, which is okay with me.  It’s easier to work with less than more. 
I really love this palette a lot.  I have been using this palette since I won this on a giveaway.  I would say in my experience using this palette, some of the shades in this palette reminds me of naked palette by urban decay.
If you own one of this palette, let me know in the comment down below what you think of this palette? If you don’t, would you consider purchasing it?
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