Tuesday, August 26, 2014

L.A Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints (new shades)

Hello readers!  Today I am going to show you the amazing new shades of LA Girl Cosmetics glazed lip paints.  They are so  amazing!! The colors are so amazing!!

Gleam, Whimsical, Peony, Flirt, Elude, and Whisper

Tempt, Daring, Seduce, Feisty, Tango, and Tease

Now, as you can see in the photos, the colors are so bright and vibrant.  The top photos can be use as your everyday and at the bottom can be use for your night out.  They don't stay long, but they do leave some stain on lips, just like a lip stain does.  I noticed that Tease and Gleam are the only two that has shimmer.  They also have a mint to it.  I definitely love the nudes and in the bold shades, I love Tempt, Daring, and Seduce.

What are your favorite shades from their lip paints?
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