Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Antioxidant Treatment Coupon Code

Hello my lovely readers! Guess what? Since I love how my skin looks from using the Even Glow Serum, Vitamin C 20%, Antioxidant Treatment, the company is gladly to do a 20% off coupon code just for you. This offer will last until end of November. The Antioxidant Treatment sales price right now is $35. So get yours now while its still on sale.

Here is how the product looks like:

To see my before and after pictures just go to:


No matter what, please follow these instructions 
EXACTLY as they are stated below. Thank you.)


1) Go to

2) Search for “organic vitamin c serum”

3) We are on page 1 (very easy to find)

Look for and click on our listing(screenshot below): 

4) When you get to our listing, please ADD US TO YOUR WISH LIST first. 

5) Then ADD TO CART and use the coupon code: ZN4O99FB 

6) Congratulate yourself on being so amazing and beautiful 
(even before using the serum!).
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