Monday, November 4, 2013

October Favorites

Hi my name is Connie and today I will tell you what I've been using for the month of October.

  1. Loreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream - As I mentioned on my previous blog, this is my daily use for when I get out of house.
  2. Look Beauty Brow Perfect - I use the powder in color brown which is closer to my color on my eyebrow.  It sets my eyebrows perfectly.  This was given to  me by a friend from the Philippines.  If you are from the Philippines, please check her out on Facebook.  She also own a few stores in Philippines.  She sells tons of makeup you'll love.  Here is the link where you can go:  Let her know that I recommended you.
  3. E.l.f. Eyebrow kit - I only use the gel and then I use the other kit to set my eyebrows.
  4. FIT by Maybelline - I love this stick because it applies so smooth and its matte.
  5. Mac concealer prolong wear - I use this where I would highlight: eyes, bridge of nose, chin, etc..
  6. Em cosmetics lipstick in Daredevil - I love this lipstick, its sheer and it last long if I use a lip pencil to line my lips.
  7. They're Real by Benefit - So obsessed with this mascara, I'm sure most of you have tried this.  It volumized my eyelashes and I don't have to wear fake eyelashes.
  8. E.l.f. flat top brush - The application is just flawless.
What's your October favorites?  Feel free to comment down below and let me know what your October favorites.

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