Friday, December 13, 2013

Blinkcosmetics Review

Blinkcosmetics just launched online during Black Friday.  Just in time for me to try out their product.
What you need to know about Blinkcosmetics.
Blink Cosmetics is a cosmetic line catering to enhancing beauty for all walks of life. We carry Eye Shadows, Mascaras and more for the Eyes.
Blink Eye Cosmetics add depth and dimension to the eyes and compliments the eye color. Blink Cosmetics are rich and vibrant soft and subtle triple milled for a silky texture, oil free and can be used wet and dry.
Each eyeshadows cost about $13.50, I know you think the price is a bit much because I thought that too. But, it is worth buying.  The eyeshadow is really pigmented and blendable. 
The top swatch is called Miami nites which has a bit sheen to it.  It is very beautiful on the eyes and very blendable and buildable.  I applied this eyeshadow wet.
photo (1)photo (2)photo
The bottom swatch is called Real Teal which is a matte eyeshadow.  It feels chalky, but I was able to work around it by just wetting my brush and applied it on my lid.  This eyeshadow is also blendable and buildable.
photo (3)photo (4)
I love Blinkcosmetics eyeshadows and I recommend their product to anyone that wants a bold and very pigmented eyeshadows.
You can follow them on instagram @blinkcosmetics on Facebook:
Twitter: @blinkeyesbeauty
Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by this company. I bought the Real Teal myself and got the Miami Nites as a free gift. This is my own opinion and my own only.

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