Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frost Cosmetics Swatches and Review



I ordered this very unique and pigmented lip glosses from and was founded by Lakeisha.

These are just samplers I have for only $20 and it comes in 14 pcs with your choice of colors and it was also free shipping.  I’m all about great deals!  You should definitely check it out! I tried each color I have, but not all suited me.  The color was too bright for me.  I love the neutrals on me though and the red.  It also has a scent to it, but not the bad smell.  It smells good.  Easy to blend and easy to come off.  I wiped it off with a dry cloth or tissue, but when I wiped it wet, it got everywhere around  my mouth.  That’s not a problem though because it will still come off.  I still recommend you try their product.


Here are some swatches I did on my lips:



If you would like to know more about FrostCosmetics, just go on their website: and follow them on instagram: @frostcosmetics

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by this company. I bought this myself and this is my own opinion.


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